What People Are Saying

Br. General Gruber recently was in London on the Ethics In The Field Tour from November 30th – December 2nd. Click here to view a letter of thanks to Br. General Gruber.

An eye opening experience, Gruber’s multimedia presentation is fascinating, honest and eye opening.
Hillary Faverman, Journalist, The Times of Israel
Br. General Bentzi Gruber of the Israel Defense Forces came to Michigan for three days to speak about the ethics of the IDF. He spoke in good English to adult audiences and to high school students in Jewish day schools, all of whom responded with much interest and positive comments about his presentations. Br. General Gruber used rarely seen videos to illustrate how the Israeli soldiers do their utmost to avoid killing or injuring Palestinians who happen to be near the person(s) the soldiers are targeting. The videos show that even if they have their target clearly within their sights, they will not shoot if it is likely that others will be hurt. Some of his videos also show how Palestinian terrorists, aware of this code of ethics, use their own children and U.N. ambulances as shields. He also used videos to illustrate how Israeli soldiers bond with the less fortunate in their country–people with mental and other handicaps–by hosting them at military bases, taking them to places like Masada, and on a lighter side, to amusement parks. Speaking on Shabbat, Br. General Gruber had to forego the videos; but his wonderful stories about his family and his soldiers as well as his jokes, enlivened a very informative presentation. Br. General Gruber speaks very well and has a commanding presence. His sincerity and belief in the rightness of the IDF ethics come across clearly as he explains why such ethics are important, even if they often come with the risk of death and injury to the soldiers. No one should miss an opportunity to hear Br. General Gruber speak. His message is important, inspiring, and unforgettable and, unfortunately, not part of the usual mainstream discussion of the Middle East.
Margot Gardner, StandWithUs-Michigan

It is my pleasure to recommend Br. General Bentzion Gruber as a formidable speaker. The Zionist Organization of America organized a number of events at college campuses and high schools across America at which Br. General Gruber was the keynote speaker. I recently attended his presentation before a Hofstra University audience. Br. General Gruber’s presentation was both informative and entertaining. Participants came away with a better grasp of the realities confronting Israel’s army. Br. General Gruber’s lecture is a multimedia presentation, supported with videos and backed by statistical evidence. The audience responded well to the presentation. I enthusiastically recommend Br. General Gruber to deliver a thoughtful, interesting, and exciting presentation.
David Kadosh, ZOA Campus Coordinator

If you want to know the facts about how Israel fights terror, you will enjoy listening to Br. General Gruber.
Eugene Greenstein, Ph.D Farmington Hills, Michigan

Br. General Gruber’s lecture is one of the best briefs I have heard at West Point yet.” It is quite honestly one of the most stimulating lectures I have attended so far in my cadet commander career.
Major Fishback, West Point

My students were riveted by your incredible, powerful, audio visual presentation of the incredible moral dilemmas that the IDF faces . . . It is one thing to read a pro Israel Op Ed piece or to hear an Israeli diplomat defend Israel’s actions on a TV, it is quite another to hear from a high ranking IDF field officer in person, what is actually occurring while the IDF is combating terrorists. Your presentation was spellbinding and highly informative! I believe that your presentation was so unique and powerful due to the following three factors: Your rank and experience, which creates your incredible credibility; your clear and personable delivery; and your use of real time footage of anti-terror IDF operations. In conclusion, I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to Am Yisarel, and Medinat Yisrael, and for your passionate and inspiring presentation. I wish you continued success, and many more audiences
Rabbi Yotav Eliach, Principal of HAFTR and Rambam Mesivta High School, Lawrence, NY

I was privileged to be present in Riverdale before making aliyah at one of Br. General Gruber’s presentations where he made the case that the IDF takes great care, making every effort to eliminate or capture terrorists while avoiding harm to civilians … Bentzi is someone every leader, reporter, government official and civilian should meet, as opposed to some of the less than convincing presenters the MFA provides. Br. General Gruber’s programs are among those few ‘value-added’ programs which, for those of us who are totally immersed in the analysis of Middle East developments, provide insights and perspectives which one normally does not get from the usual ‘dog and pony’ show.
Jeff Daube , Director, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) – Israel Office

Br. General Benzi Gruber educates listeners about the current situation in Israel and what it’s like to deal with terrorists entrenched within a civilian population. With intense, authentic footage captured by the unit under his command, he enables the audience to empathize with Israeli military officers and to understand the officers’ responsibility: to make life and death decisions in only seconds and usually with incomplete information. Gruber defines the values on which commanders base their decisions as avoiding civilian casualties, proportional retaliation, and limiting collateral damage. It is hard not to be impressed by his experience, knowledge, and commitment to his values in the face of an enemy that completely disregards them. Br. General Gruber is interesting, informative, and even humorous, despite the gravity of the topic, and he will undoubtedly spark an enthusiastic discussion.
Lauren Rosenthal, NYU Campus Activist