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Chesed in The Field

Chesed In The Field is a non profit organization founded in 1981 by (res) IDF Br. General Bentzi Gruber that instills the values of community and social responsibility in the heart of thousands of IDF soldiers throughout their military service. This enables them to maintain their moral compass while defending and protecting the State of Israel.
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What Others Are Saying

Br. General Gruber’s lecture is one of the best briefs I have heard at West Point yet. It is quite honestly one of the most stimulating lectures I have attended so far in my cadet
commander career.
Major Fishback, West Point
An eye opening experience,
Gruber’s multimedia presentation
is fascinating, honest and eye opening
Hillary Faverman, Journalist, Times of Israel

General Gruber’s recent speaking tour included an address at the annual leadership and ethics symposium at the US Air Force in Colorado Springs which was attended by 6,000 participants
General Gruber will be addressing the senior class of West Point on his upcoming speaking tour in April. (April 9-23) Additionally, he will address students on college campuses, high schools and to communities across the US