Education in the Field

(Res.) Br. General Gruber lectures (weekly) on ethics, social responsibility and leadership to IDF commanders and officers across Israel, in order to ensure that the IDF remains the most ethical army in the world. His commitment and dedication to education has had a profound impact on thousands of soldiers in the Israeli military.

Ethics in The Field

“Ethics in the Field,” a firsthand look into the strategic and ethical decisions that IDF commanders and officers make daily, has become influential beyond the borders of Israel.

Through the use of Br. General Gruber’s fascinating multimedia presentations, international audiences are able to witness the way in which the IDF strives to avoid collateral damage while also maintaining national security. Br. General Gruber’s work enables individuals, worldwide, to understand the IDF’s deep commitment to Israel’s imperative code of ethics. Undoubtedly, Br. General Gruber’s personal narrative leaves audiences informed, engaged and inspired.

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